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Tilt Skull

Tilt Skull

Skull Effect:

Enemy resistance is greatly increased. For example, the Brute power armor is normally pretty resistant to human weapons to begin with and fairly fragile against plasma shots. With Tilt turned on, the Brute armor is practically 100% resistant to any human projectiles and can only be taken down by plasma bursts.

Campaign Scoring Multiplier: 2x

Skull Location:

The Tilt Skull is located near the middle of the eighth level, Cortana.

The Skull is located in the circular room where Cortana says, “You like to play games? So do I”. It’s a bit difficult to get to, as it requires precise jumping to get on top of the ceiling of the room.

When you enter the room, go towards the left side of the room. Here you will see a pedestal, with an arrow pointing up on it, coming out of the floor and some mushroom shaped platforms along the wall.

Jump on to the pedestal and then jump onto the first platform that is located to left and above you. Then jump up onto the bigger platform located straight in front of you. Now once you're on top of this platform, turn around and you'll see the next platform you have to jump onto. To prevent yourself from hitting the ceiling in this next jump and being knocked back down, move right to the edge of the platform you're standing on and aim to jump onto the right side of the next platform.

Once on the last platform it's a simple matter to jump onto the big Flood tentacle and walk across to the ceiling of the room where the Skull lies in the center.

Tilt Skull Location