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Blind Skull

Blind Skull (Silver Skull)

Skull Effect:

You lose your HUD when this skull is turned on. You won't be able to see your weapons, shield and ammo indicators and you won't be able to see your radar or the weapon you're holding when this skull is turned on.

Campaign Scoring Multiplier: None

Skull Location:

The Blind Skull is located near the start of the first level, Sierra 117.

After you encounter the first enemy in the game (the Gold Armored Brute), two enemy drop ships will appear a bit further down the stream. Go towards the drop ship that is furthest away, and stay on the right side of the stream. Continue along the right (towards the cliff edge), and you will find a rock that juts out a bit over the large lake. The Skull is located on this rock.

Blind Skull Location