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Black Eye Skull

Black Eye Skull

Skull Effect:

The only way you can recharge your shields is by landing melee attacks on your opponents.

Campaign Scoring Multiplier: 1.5x

Skull Location:

The Blackeye Skull is located at the start of the second level, Crowsnest.

It is located in the room that you start in and is on the pipe that is hanging down from the ceiling above you. It is on the end of the pipe that is nearest to the large computer display (the one that Lord Hood appears on).

You can get on to the pipe by jumping onto the mesh cabinet at the far end of the room (the end opposite from the one with the large computer display). From on top of the cabinet you can then jump onto the red iron bar just under the pipe and then from here onto the pipe itself. Walk down to the end of the pipe and you will find the Skull.

Black Eye Skull Location