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Fog Skull

Fog Skull

Skull Effect:

Your motion tracker is disabled.

Campaign Scoring Multiplier: 1.5x

Skull Location:

The Fog Skull is located near the start of the fifth level, Floodgate.

As you are walking down from the anti-air gun you destroyed in the previous level, you will encounter a ramp (next to a missile launcher). Around this ramp, you hit a checkpoint. At this point, you should also hear a marine on the radio saying, “All squads, report”.

You have a small window of opportunity at this point, but it is fairly easy to get the Fog Skull. Look up, and to the right, directly at the roof of the building next to the missile launcher. There is a single flood form which is holding the skull. Kill him before he jumps, and he will drop the skull down to the ground where you can retrieve it. If you kill him too early, and the skull will get stuck on the roof though, so just time it carefully.

Fog Skull Location